How to write a Fashion Blog and Become Blogger

                   Wants to start a fashion blog?…. but got confused from where to start , how to start , and If I start do anybody really read it ? . Quite frankly , there’s nothing easy about blogging for a living and if we talk about fashion , it’s definitely one of the most difficult topics to choose . 

               If I talk about myself how I started blogging  . I was also in the same position in which you are right now . A big storm of questions , thoughts like how should I start , which niche is best for blogging , what are the fashion blogging ideas  that i would present to my audience ,  how it will turn out , how will be the response etc….. etc…. was blowing  in my mind . all I was knew is like there is nothing bad in trying it and I want this , yes I do . So , firstly  what I did was started going through Instagram account of the international  bloggers and searched what do fashion bloggers write about , their posts , blogs gave me a lot of knowledge . I go through there posts daily checked fashion blogging sites , and find out some tips that helped me to write my first blog in which I had concluded all the fashion blogger Instagram tips and procedures and I think it will help you too . I know I might not be a best person to  give you advice , I do make mistakes and correct them . only I can say to you is if you work on the tips  it will be of worth definitely . In this blog I have tried to cover all the things required to write a fashion blog .

 Remember our blog should be like where we should spill out all our fashion related thoughts with the people of  similar interest and if you are looking for creative outlets then yes blogging is for you . no matter what your blogging is about literature , art ,  fashion anything just make sure what you write is of your interest .

 Guide:How to Start a Fashion Blog

  1. Choose the best blogging platform
  2. Select your domain name
  3. Set up your account with a hosting provider
  4. Set your blog online
  5. Find the perfect theme
  6. Identify the best plugins.                   
  • Choose the best blogging platform :  

                     Majority share of the populace would state WordPress , for the most part since this specific stage controls more than one-fourth of the Internet’s substance.

            Adding to the way that it has an exceptionally straightforward interface   and is greatly simple to use for novices , WordPress has gathered an        immense faithful fan base among all the substance makers out there in the blogging scene . It likewise has distinctive bundles relying upon how genuine you are in blogging . To look at more data about blogging stages and what might suit you best , I propose you A web host stores your website / blog and makes it accessible to people online . viaENS provides fully Managed WordPress services along with a strong back-end technical support at an annual package of mere Re.1/ hour. All you have to do is submit a request and your blog with everything pre installed will be delivered to you.

  • Select your Domain Name

   just like your name your Domain name is your website’s identity. It’s that name which the user on internet use to find your website . E.g. , .

            a Domain name has to parts  one is Domain name and other is domain extension.

Domain Name :-  its the name of your blog. E.g. in  , , ,  ,   ,nextvibez , premme , mnrepeer , thatdelhigirl  , thesnobjournal are domain names .

Domain Extensions : it is the later par of the domain , the letters that comes after the dot. E.g. com , in , gov etc .

  • Set up your Account with a Hosting provider

          On the off chance that you’ve concocted an extraordinary domain name , the following thing you have to do is select a web have for your blog . Like purchasing garments from a notable couturier , choosing a solid web have is a vital advance in building up your blog .

Facilitating is normally a paid administration , such as paying rent for a flat . A few people want to get their domain name and facilitating from isolated suppliers . Others package them together for accommodation , frequently getting marvelous manages the package .

Monetize your Blog

                 Google AdSense is a program kept running by Google that permits distributers in the Google Network of substance locales to serve programmed content, picture, video, or intuitive media ads, that are focused to site substance and gathering of people. These promotions are controlled , arranged, and kept up by Google . They can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis. Google beta-tested a Cost-per-action service , but discontinued it in October 2008 in favor of a Doubleclick  offering (also owned by Google). In Q1 2014 , Google earned US $3.4 billion ($13.6 billion annualized), or 22% of total revenue , through Google AdSense . AdSense is a participant in the AdChoices program , so AdSense ads typically include the triangle-shaped AdChoices icon. This program also operates on HTTP cookies. Over 11.1 million websites use AdSense .

  1. Select the ad you want on your site.
  2. select where you want to place ads.

TIPS : How to Write  a Fashion Blog post

1. Put a lot of reference pictures so that people can easily relate with what you are writing. 

2. Quality of the pictures should be good not just on your blog but also on your social media pages because that’s the place from where people are actually attracted towards your work.

3. Be Consistent with your work and posts . it’s easy for the people to like you but it’s even more easier for them to forget you. so to make sure that reader stick to your blog . you have to be very regular with your posts.

4. Be Original with content. do not copy paste somebody else work. getting inspired by somebody style is another thing bu just doing what someone already did will no get you any where.

5. know your style and stick around to it. because it will be easier for your followers to know what they looking for ? .

6. It is Important for you to invest in your blog. invest on a good camera, invest on a attractive website and anything  that can lead to a better experience for your readers.

7. Connect with your readers and followers engage  in  conversation with them. asking them what they want to see, after all its for them.

How to get Traffic on your Blog

  1. Make your post spicy.Use real instances to connect with your readers heart.
  2. Select interesting tittle, use headlines make use of keyword research tools like Ubersuggest , Keyword finder, Google keyword planner etc .
  3. use social networking sites like instagram , twitter,pintrest etc and forums like Quora , reddit to drive traffic .
  4.  write long blog posts so that reader can get all the information about the topic he or she is searching for . and also this will improve your SEO skills.
  5. Try to include your focus keyword in the first paragraph so that this will give reader a clear look for what they ‘re about to read .
  6. Spread your quality content on social media. Do quality comments increase your following.

Photographic Tips for Fashion Blog

               With regards to running a fashion blog, you have such a significant number of issues that you have to become accustomed to managing. A blog today, particularly in the realm of fashion, must be utilized in a way that will have a major effect in the manner in which that you work and how you think and feel. That being stated, it’s not just about the words. While your composed substance will have a major effect, you additionally need to become accustomed to benefitting as much as possible from photography to help move your here are some amazing tips 

  1. Choose a best loction,Utilize Neutral Backgrounds
  2. Normal Lighting Always Wins

  3.  Find your poses, Finish the Look

  4. Making a Balance

  5. Making Space

  6. Pack and snap!. experiment with your composition.

  • Choose a best loction,Utilize Neutral

          Each mold blog worth perusing is outfitted with great symbolism that supplements whatever is left of the site.So, hence, we suggest that you hold lack of bias as it can take into account a superior spotlight on the items that you are shooting at present.

  •  Normal Lighting Always Wins

                 Regular lighting is, as the name recommends, the most characteristic approach to make a shot emerge as being genuine.Genuine photograph shoots are progressively uncommon as individuals can turn out to be very liberal with their touch-ups and advancements. Rather than doing this, utilization regular lighting to help make a significantly more inviting picture.

  • Find your poses, Finish the Look

            Place everything in the image – from the adornments to the jacket.If you are expecting to post the picture on your Instagram, at that point label each brand that is appeared inside the look. On the off chance that you go that additional method to enable your marking to bid and your general perceivability enhance, at that point ensure you label them in appropriately.

  • Making a

                    In the event that you have a group of littler things in the photograph, add something bigger to integrate everything. An injection of every single little picture, or every single vast picture, ought to have a touch of equalization. This can give a valuable setting where it would have felt setting free without.

A touch of room can be fundamental to making the point of convergence emerge; having excessively going on can expel any perspective for the shot.

  • Pack and snap!. experiment with your composition.pack and snap

                       A pack and preview can be an extraordinary method to make a reality and all the more genuinely determined picture that looks incredible. In the event that you need that specific picture to be a triumph, we prescribe that you hope to mastermind things like you’ve stuffed it and that everything is dropping out of the sack, making it progressively obvious.

 Top Fashion Instagram Influencers || To be followed on Instagram.

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  5. Aashna Shroff

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